CPO1 Code Practice Oscillator

Build the CPO1 Sine Wave Code Practice Oscillator

I stopped kitting this Code Practice Oscillator a couple of years ago. I still get the occasional email asking if I have any left, so I’ve decided to release the files necessary to build one via a Creative Commons, No Commercial license.

At this time, I don’t plan to release the DipTrace CAD files. The download below contains all of the documents necessary to procure parts and to build the CPO1.

Download the files here:
CPO1 Code Practice Oscillator Manufacturing Files

The PCBs can be ordered from any of the low cost prototype PCB manufacturers. A good source to get price comparisons and to read reviews on the different shops is pcbshopper.com.

Check with the particular manufacturer you choose for their file naming conventions for the Gerber files.

A spreadsheet containing the bill of materials, component sources and manufacturers is included, along with an assembly manual and a PDF copy of the schematic.

These files are intended for non-commercial, personal use only. If you want to get together with some friends, scouting group, etc and share the costs, that is fine with me. All I ask is that you don’t produce this kit commercially and/or for profit.

I don’t have inventory of any of the parts. The BOM spreadsheet should provide all the information needed to order what is necessary.